We provide you with a methodology and tools that facilitate your asset allocation and risk management, in a scalable way, and thus adequately meet the needs of each client.


We start with your usual way of managing and equip you with the tools and advice to manage your risks more efficiently. We respect your management style, your needs, your existing tools and your internal organization.

Compliance with the new FinSA and FinIA regulations: regular monitoring or occasional support

You have a complete freedom in defining the level of support you want. You can use our tools and guidance as part of regular monitoring or as a one-time need for a specific instrument or a given portfolio. We also adapt the frequency of our risk reports and advice to your processes: daily, weekly or monthly. Either way, you save time and get expertise tailored to your needs.

Cost efficiency

Regulatory compliance should not be synonymous with an explosion in costs. On the contrary, the rationalization that we are proposing will lead you to better control your costs.

Market movements and data management

One of the most important issues, besides the calculations themselves, is the use of reliable data covering long periods. In addition, the positions in the portfolio may have a short price history or no history at all, correspond to unlisted instruments or special cases (structured products, alternative funds). All of this requires specific processing in order to be able to assess their risks, both at the instrument level (appropriateness) and within a portfolio (adequacy).


Our independence guarantees you the absence of conflicts of interest. It allows us to objectively analyze instruments and portfolios, constantly looking for improvements.

Multi-language support

We offer you our tools and our advice in French, English, German and Italian.