Our goal is to help you identify, assess, measure, analyze, control, manage and monitor your risks

Fine Risk provides support for portfolio managers, family offices, financial advisors and private clients with flexible outsourced risk management solutions.

The identification, assessment, measurement, analysis, control and management of risks require a set of processes and tools.


Quantify the risks incurred, describe them in an extensive and comprehensible manner internally, to the regulator, to the auditors and to the final customer.


Adjusting instruments and exposures to meet the desires of clients and to achieve the best portfolios allocation, in an evolving manner over time. The goal is to match as closely as feasible the customized client's profiles, which can be very specific.


Independent risk-oriented due diligence (product and portfolio level) validates and serves as "evidence" to the end-customer and the regulator for the absence of conflicts of interest and a sound and responsive risk management.


Advice on the implementation and structuring of hedging and diversification strategies and, more generally, on risk management.